Saturday, September 19, 2015

Salmon - Will to Love

(Still image from video found here)

The bear and salmon have a unique predator-prey relationship, in that the salmon has no real defense against the bear. During the annual salmon run, salmon swim in large numbers to the site of their birthplace in order to reproduce. After reproducing, 95% of salmon die, so the salmon run brings them their one opportunity to complete their species’ mission. The grizzly bear, however, means to prevent this by catching and consuming the salmon while en route. While the salmon swim along the waters, they appear at the surface often, and the bear merely snatches its food into its very large mouth.


I remember the ocean from where I came
Just one of millions all the same
But somewhere someone calls my name
I'm a harpoon dodger, and I can't, won't be tamed.

(Part of the lyrics from Neil's song)

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